Monday, March 29, 2010

An exciting idea

I love food blogs. I have secret dreams of becoming a food blogger. I surreptitiously take photographs of my food sometimes in the hopes of posting them with a recipe and a clever anecdote attached. These dreams never come to fruition for several reasons.
1., The photos turn out ugly. Either poor lighting, a previously unnoticed cluttered background or just plain not-pretty looking food, my photos of food never look as yummy as they taste.
2., I make the mistake of NOT writing down my recipe as I make/invent it. I've been getting better at this, though.
3., I am my own worst critic. Even when food, desserts, baked goods, breakfast, lunches and or dinners I make turn out amazing, I never think it's good enough to share with the world. Or I feel it's too complicated. Or I did some silly thing as a short cut that I just can't admit to...Or explain.
4., I'm really impatient. This one sums it all up. Cakes that would have looked beautiful look like crummy blobs because I couldn't wait for the crumb-coat to chill, and I didn't feel like waiting for the butter cream to warm. Ice cream I was SO eager for, I did not wait for the ice-cream bowl insert to freeze completely before attempting to churn it. Deciding NOT to strain this or that because it probably won't make a difference. (It did.) *sigh* The list goes on and on. And it's amazing, the good results I get when I plan ahead and take the time I give myself to make something. It turns out! It looks good! It tastes great! Why can't I do this more often?!

Anyway. My idea. If I can get over these obstacles, that is. A food blog of a different kind. I mean, there are a lot of them all over the place. Really good ones. But I want mine to be magical. Both enjoying the magic of seasons, which I now am growing to love, and the glory of being able to forage for ones own food in this bountiful state in which I live, but also to take on the aspect of story magic. I've had this idea for a "Fairytale Cook Book" for some time. With gorgeous illustrations and cutesy stories, as well as excerpts from real fiction that feature such food types. And it seems to me that now a-days, so many good cookbooks started as blogs and why not mine? It could be a start, at least. I guess I'll be thinking about it....

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