Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Beginning

Almost a year ago, we decided it was time to leave. We being my husband John and I, Christiana. We had been living in Tampa for about two years and were sick and tired of it. Key West was out of the financial question and John never liked the heat of Florida any way. He only put up with it for my dear sake. But now we were married and settled and ready to move on. And on to where would we move? you may ask. Well, New Hampshire of course. John's home state. The state in which we were married (oh right, state of bliss, yes.) I never liked Tampa anyway, it was just cheaper to branch out on one's own than the Florida Keys were. And so we pulled out a map.
"Here, here or here." I said. It looked like a nice area. Close-ish to friends we knew. Close-ish to the seashore, close-ish to John's family. Several good churches were also in the area and a community college. We ended up deciding on Exeter. It's gorgeous. I love it.
It was spring. Almost. It was mid-April, really. The trees were still bare and the grass still yellow, but the air was growing warm (not to my tastes, but to others who had experienced a full fledged winter, it was) (to my Florida skin, it was positively freezing)
Then leaves popped out. And flowers really started to bloom. I was going to love this. And I hadn't even experienced a real full New Hampshire winter yet!
Now 'tis a year later. I had my winter and now the air is growing warm (for real this time) and snow is disappearing. I'm ready for spring with the mindset of one who has seen enough snow and cold for the next three seasons. Last year may have been my first year of experiencing seasons, one by one, spring, summer, the glory of fall and the sparkle of winter. But this year I'll truly be seeing them. Looking forward, knowing what they bring and the way they feel.
And oh BOY am I excited!

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