Monday, March 15, 2010

On adjusting to the (seemingly) never ending rain.

Rain. Still.
It boggles me that last year about this time, when we were getting our end of winter/spring rains I was thoroughly depressed by it. I had just moved from Tampa, FL where it was bright, sunny and about 80 degrees, despite it's being March. Weather in Florida changes so quickly. One minute it's thunder-storming and the next it's a breezy sunny day. Sometimes it only rains on one half of our house... It's amazing and gorgeous. New England, however, is very staunch with its weather. Once it gets rainy it *stays* rainy. For days and days and days. Before moving up here, the longest I had gone without seeing sunshine was four days. Four grueling long days after a particularly crazy hurricane and we MISSED it.
So last year, when weeks passed where the sun barely poked its way through a sky of thick, sodden, dark clouds, I kinda freaked out... But this time around... Well, not only do I completely expect it, (I'd be really surprised if the sun showed its face tomorrow) but I've grown to enjoy and appreciate it, in a way. Rarely did we get a full on rain day in the Keys. And even rarer still did we get one when I had a day off to simply enjoy it. Because I do love rain. And thunder storms too. About as much as I love a good smooth and sunny day. Every kind of weather has its perks. I love all of it.
And these past couple days I've been enjoying my tea time and story time. And today I feel particularly inspired. To write or perhaps draw. It's just lovely to spend time indoors while the rain pelts the windows and fills adorable puddles up outside.

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