Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Oh beautiful sunshine!

I just finished taking the most delicious nap. Our room has the full effect of the sun on it and it's totally warm enough outside to open the window. The breeze is barely there, but when it is, it's this delicious almost cool one, but never cold. And birds! And their singing! It's really the most gorgeous day in all the world. I feel sorry for people not born yet, because they can't enjoy this amazing weather and this beautiful day.
This sunshine MUST mean that winter is over. The first day of spring is in a few days (my anniversary!) and soon green will be dominating the scene again! Though I am a little bummed that I missed the melting of the snow while John and I were visiting my family in Florida. But the river here in Exeter was crazy high (due to snow run off and the copious amounts of rain combined, probably) and our creek was also overflowing. So perhaps I haven't missed all the glories of the end of winter. Nevertheless, this weather is perfect for any out-door activity and I do believe I'll be going for a walk!

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