Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I'm wondering what it takes to get people to comment on my blog. What can I do to convince people to make that intimidating leap from reading to commenting?

I know I have readers... Don't be shy, comment already! It doesn't have to be deep or inspirational (though it's welcome if it is) Just say hello if you can't think of anything else. I'll love it with my WHOLE heart, if you do. I promise!

Plus, here's a link to some of my art. Enjoy.


  1. Hello! My name's Brittany. I go to the same church as Corey and Alesia, and I've heard of you. I'm quite certain you came to the bell concert we had in the spring. Anyway,I stumbled on your blog. I just wanted to say that I love your zest for life and the "small things"! You're such an inspiration, and I'd really love to meet you someday! :)

    ~Brittany =)

  2. Hi! I remember you!! You really liked my steampunky vest coat with the bustle! Do you mean to say that you "stumbled upon" my blog using the Firefox addon thing? If so, that is wicked cool. I didn't even know my blog could get INto something like that. Otherwise, if you just mean you found it, I'm curious to know how. I'm really happy you found it however you did, though! Thanks for leaving a comment!!!!!!!! :D

  3. Oh, haha, I'm a different Brittany, actually. Brittany Jennings is probably the other one you met.:) I'm Brittany Francoeur. It can be kind of confusing. ;) She and I stand next to each other when we're playing bells, though. No, I just found it while browsing blogs, and I recognized you from the bell thing. Even though, I hadn't officially met you at the bell thing, I decided you seemed like a fun person, and your blog definitely proves that. Haha. :) Anyway, you're welcome for leaving a comment!! :D

  4. Oh! Well, still, cool! I'm glad you found my blog and I feel honoured that you recognized and remembered me. I'm glad you like my blog, too! I always really enjoy going to the bell concerts at your church, you guys are really good!

  5. Well, thank you! It's hard to know how good or bad we sound when we're the ones playing! ;) Are you going to the Summer Ball this Saturday? Do you go to the Exeter Presbyterian Church?

    P.S. I have a facebook if you'd like to friend me. :)

  6. We do go to Exeter PCA. And I believe we will be going to the ball. We're doing some stuff earlier Saturday but we should be able to make it. :D


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