Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Songs of Spring

It's hard to believe that ten days ago we had a decent sized snow storm. A good three or four inches. It was beautiful, I loved it. But I loved that it melted even more.

Last night we opened the window in our bedroom. It was the first night the weather has been balmy enough to really enjoy the breezes that came through. And the sounds. The crickets, frogs, cicadas. Swamp music. Night music.

I noticed them first on Sunday evening, after our first genuinely warm day. They've arrived, the beautiful night sounds. The wind in the trees (only buds yet.) And the tinkling of all those bugs and frogs singing their little hearts out. The smell of spring wafting through out window. I can't imagine a more beautiful lullaby to drift to sleep upon; my thoughts roaming through romantic dreams and anticipations of barefoot walks in the grass and lounging in the sun with a book. These are the times ahead.

And in the morning? The birds! In my half asleep state I could swear I heard Vivaldi's Spring being chirped and tweeted. I like to imagine that Vivaldi heard it one Spring morning and merely transcribed it for strings to play. Isn't it such nice thought?

These are the days when one feels set free. The ice has melted and the snow has thrown its final punch. The wind is no longer bitter. Cold at times and always fresh, but the bite has melted out of it. Warm days are upon us. Even the occasional cold day won't discourage. Winter boots and coats are being put away for good. Mittens and gloves are a thing of the past. Flowers are blooming left and right.

I feel like doing a bit of singing myself! At any rate, I believe I'll pull out my violin and play a little Spring.

p.s I can't actually play Spring on the violin. I can barely read music and play everything by ear, but I think I'll attempt it today. And failing that, I'll have my very talented husband play it for me when he gets home.

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