Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh the things I've been up to.

It feels like I haven't posted in forever! Well, this past week has been pretty full of all kinds of stuff, fun and otherwise. John's been working some long days and some how that makes me tired too...Some kind of empathy link going on there.

Anyway, I've been taking tons of photos. And here are a few of what I've been up to lately...

 And what spring has been up to...
Getting excited about leaves!
 I crocheted a bit
a scarf - nearly done!
 I had a birthday on the 21st. I turned 24!

Blue skies birthday
 On my birthday, I found a bead store and bought some. It's my birthday present to ME!
Beautiful beads
 Then I made some earrings with them...None like the other, two different earrings = twice as expressive. :)
Who needs matching sets?
 Had a great Easter.
Easter egg rolls. (Clever, no?)

 Lots of rainy days = lots of green!
See those tiny green flecks? Those are called "leaves," my friend.

Ultra fashionable
I  made some earrings for my friend, whose birthday is near mine.  She also likes wearing mismatched earrings. So I made her a pair that matched to mismatch.
A "pair" of earrings
 And wrote her a 20 page letter...
Earrings and a letter
Birthday socks!
 I got some amazing socks in the mail from my sister! Thanks, Bett!
Here I model my fab socks
I also had a mega gnocchi failure and an awesome cupcake success. You win some you lose some, meh.

I plan to redeem myself and boost my gnocchi-ego tonight and try again. Stay tuned, tomorrow I'll be posting the myriads of photos of spring flowers I've been taking. And if I make any more earrings, I'll be sure to post those too!

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