Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Review: Tangled

Have you seen Tangled? If not, you should. We watched it with our Bible study group this last week and I was enchanted!

The funny thing about this was that day before watching it was the first time I had heard of it. (Don't make fun, I don't get out much.) It sounded fun to say the least. Then our friends, at whose house our Bible study is hosted, asked "Have any of you seen Tangled?" And I was like "Woah! I just heard of that yesterday for the first time and thought it looked really cool." So that was that and we watched it.

I loved it. It was pure entertainment and an excellent story. The animation was beautiful and the musical scores and songs were not bad at all. Though, I thought Mother Gothel's song was really similar to Ursala the sea witch's in The Little Mermaid. Still, I liked the songs. My particular favourite was the one Rapunzel sings near the beginning, while she's cleaning and working on her hobbies. I exclaimed "This is my life exactly!" at that point.

People probably look at the cover of this movie and think "Kid movie." As well as "Girl movie." And they're right. Kids and girls more than likely would love it. But I got the feeling that all the guys at our study really got a kick out of it too. It had some majorly funny parts. And the guy protagonist is sheer charm. I think any man would enjoy his point of view. And if you happen to be a grown-up who is into great stories that don't necessarily need explosions or dull adult drama to make them work, then I'd say you'd probably enjoy it too.

I'd watch it again and maybe again. I'd put it up there with The Emperor's New Groove and Toy Story for kid-adult-friendliness in entertainment.

One last word. Before we watched it, our friend who suggested the movie compared Tangled to Shrek. While I liked the first Shrek movie just fine, I would strongly disagree with this comparison. Shrek is fairy-tale gone modern, "realistic", and ironic. Tangled is classic fairytale with modern humour and slightly more realistic drama but still very fanciful and magical. And, in my opinion, much better than Shrek.

If you haven't already seen this movie, do your self a favour and watch it.

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  1. I was (and continue to be) surprised that recent Disney movies target the 8+ crowd. Challenging when the Disney junkie in the house is 3 or 4 years old. Her speed is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (which we can get online or DVD, since we don't have cable). She was enchanted overall with Tangled, since to satisfy her all you need is a beautiful, singing heroine, who eventually will fall in love. I was disappointed in much of the music, which I agree sounded like reworkings of other Disney movies. Mother Goethel was terrifying, and much too complicated for that under 8 crowd. So, a mixed bag at our house. I'm still also undecided on the level of animation.


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