Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Being a collection of early spring photos, primarily of flowers and mainly daffodils

Ahhh. I Love long titles. 
Well today is simply a a gorgeous day.  It started out gray and rainy just like the past several days have been, and then, half way through, something amazing happened: 

The sun BLOOMED out of the clouds. I threw open a window and let a warm breeze in, I dressed up in pretty clothes and danced around. I went down to our spring where we get water and admired bright blooming sprays of festive forsythia and dancing daffodils and perky poppies and darling dandelions all turning their heads to the sun. All flowers are sunflowers, secretly. 

Well, these are photos of early spring, as my title indicates, though they are as recent as a couple days ago. If I were to go out and walk around some with my camera, I'm sure I'd find many more flowers now blooming than just the ones pictured. I know for a fact that there are lots of trees now bursting forth in flower and that the forsythia are even more crazy today than the pictures I have of it. I'll go out and take more photos today and tomorrow and post those later. For now, enjoy these!
Flowers for sale down the road


Forsythia budding

Forsythia Blooming ( a week later)

Hyacinth and daffodil

And the daffodils look lovely today...

Red tulips, pale daffodils

Cherry blossom, I think

Purple petunias! And a corner of orange.

Beautiful colours

More flowers for sale

Look how green that grass is!

They look like they're singing

A splash of colour on a rainy evening

Natures first green really IS gold....

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