Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Fever

Spring is truly here, friends, I am happy to say. Both officially and weatherwise now.

PJM rhododendrons preparing to bloom.

I took a long walk today to work at my friend's pottery studio for a couple hours, and let me tell you, it is delicious outside! Spring is really springing. Today was positively balmy in comparison to this past week.

Yesterday had decently warm weather; bright sunshine, blue skies. But the wind was something fierce, and if you lingered in the shade you could believe that it had only snowed a couple days before. Today, however, ah today. Beautiful today.

I still wore a coat, mind you, and a scarf wouldn't have been a bad idea either, but half way into the walk, after warming up, my coat was a bit too much, so I took it off and wore it around my waist. What a good feeling!

And flowers are blooming. Have I mentioned that? I've actually been walking quite a bit this week and on Monday I noticed some bright yellow peeping out of the dirt. My first thought was "Are those real?" And upon closer inspection, my heart rejoiced, they were! Lovely yellow crocuses. I And since then I've seen white and purple ones too.Camera at the ready this time. (And from now on for the flowers to come!)

I also saw a tufted titmouse on the birch tree outside my window today. I wanted to pull my eyes out it was so adorable. And on my walk home, as I crossed the little bridge down the road, what did mine wandering eyes see? Mr and Mrs Mallard taking a spring afternoon float down the creek. I gaped and grabbed my camera as fast as I could, but they were a bit far when I finally snapped the shot.

(There are ducks in this picture, I promise.)

My heart is light and I feel a bit floaty. Pretty soon there will be leaf buds on the trees and one day we'll look out the window and BLAMF! there will be leaves.

And another thing: squirrels are skinny again.

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