Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lovely days and thoughts on blogs. (this one in particular)

The past few days have been beautiful. It's really something when you can open your windows and let warmth in, rather than letting it out. We turned our heat off about a week ago (cheers for saving money on electricity!) and it's been very comfortable. Last night I was actually quite warm, almost uncomfortably so.

Yesterday and the day before were very warm. Shorts and flip-flops were pulled out and worn with great relish. We even took a barefoot stroll on the beach. Really nice. Of course, the ocean was still down right chilly and getting rolled over by a wave felt like my foot had just been frozen off....heh
Today is also lovely. It started out a bit grey but has been getting cheerier as the day progresses. This is my excuse for the few days break this blogs been having. And will continue to have.... Haha, just kidding. Sort of. I've been plotting some future posts, that I feel are necessary in order to make this blog more *real* feeling. But I have to seriously think them out before I just throw em up here.
Blog writing is a relatively new genre of literature, and I'm not sure I've quite gotten the hang of it. It's a blend of anecdote, insight and tutorial. And even that can change depending on your niche.... Which makes me wonder....

What is my niche? Do I have one? A blog about weather? boooorrrring. I have more hobbies and interests than that! And some of them can be quite interesting. So I suppose it's more of a personal blog than anything. About projects and hobbies that strike my fancy, subjects and themes grab my interest and any other type thing. I'll be trying to organize and get this blog rolling for the benefit of anyone who comes by to see what it's all about. I'm new at it, so bear with me.

I'm going to try and include weekly themes -I've seen a lot of Wordless Wednesdays, and wonder if I can do that too, it seems like an easy cop out once a week. I have a few other ideas too...Soapbox Sundays, where I rant about things, issues, problems etc. that bother me or that I feel need to be discussed. (I have a great one for tomorrow...Actually, I have a few really great ones coming.) These will include a broad spectrum of subjects, including but not limited to consumerism, saving money, marriage, epidurals, breastfeeding, being green (and the many aspects thereof) precycling, vaccinations, natural medicine, health, exercise, TV and it's effects, parenting ....Well, there's a lot. It's stuff I'm interested, stuff I research for fun because I find it so fascinating and stuff that frequently just needs to be ranted about.

Then, I was also thinking to include at least one recipe a week, maybe more depending on how many delicious new/original things I cook or bake in a week. And I'd like to put up more photographs up of crafts, artwork and similar projects I've been working on. I think this would not only be interesting to the reader (If I have any!) but it would also get me motivated to work on and finish the many things I plan, start and then put aside. And photo-documentaries. I have a few of them that I'll be making public and a few in the works (some things take time) but I believe they are a fun way to see something come into being. Things that are not generally seen made. Edibles: - wedding cakes, wines, extracts and infused oils, as well as inedibles: huge wall hangings, upcycled or refashioned clothing, crocheted items...

Also, paragraph breaks. I need to remember these. They do so much for the readability of a post. One long unbroken page of text does tend to be intimidating. *goes back and starts putting paragraph breaks here and there* *cough*

Once I get my act(s) in order, I'll feel a lot more comfortable lending the link to my blog out and sharing it. One of my goals is to get some food photo of mine onto That would really get my name out there. But first it has to be a blog worth reading and looking at.
So anyone who is out there currently, I appreciate you...even if you are shy or not into commenting, but just be ready: this blog is going to be so much better when I get the hang of it. I've already given it quite the facelift and it looks really awesome. (IMO)

Lets see if we can make some these goals this coming week.

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