Friday, March 25, 2011

In which I ramble

Since I've kind of opened this blog up, I feel a lot easier about stupendously going for it whenever any particular thoughts hit my brain. I have so many ideas sometimes it's hard to extract them one at a time. Not to mention how many other ideas swarm in when just ONE is removed, and then remembering what they were when I focus on a new thought. Making lists really helps me in this area, but only for the five minutes or so that I'm actually making and looking at the list. Once I turn my mind to other things....well, until I randomly spot that list laying on the coffee table, I'm probably just as confused as I was before. And if I make my lists on my computer, then it's even less helpful; I have to deliberately open that file and read it. And even if it's named in all CAPS and in the middle of my desktop I'm not very likely to do that. It may be an understatement to say I make a lot of lists...

Well, I happen to have a list of ideas for future posts for this blog. Sometimes I wish the days would go by faster so I could just get them all on here without looking like I have waaaaay too much time on my hands. Which I probably do, particularly on days where I wake up at a modest time. Which I do a lot on days hubby has to work. He likes getting up around 6:45 and being out by 7:15 every morning. Which means I have to be up then too, in order to make his breakfast, get his lunch ready and give him an endearing goodbye kiss.

Well, I don't have to. I want to. John tells me every-now-and-then, on mornings like today where I really don't want to wake up, that I can sleep if I want. Well I've taken this option a couple times and believe-you-me, it's never worth it. I hear him bustling around and can't fall back asleep, then I smell his breakfast and start feeling hungry, but the worst part is when he comes and kisses me goodbye while I lie in bed and then he leaves and I hear the door shut and I want to run after him and appologise for being such a loser wife. Which when I do, he tells me not to be silly because I'm the most amazing wife in the world, but I still feel pretty crappy about it and the sleep is not worth it.

note: I realize there are lots of wives who may not get up every day and do this for their husband and I'm not implying that THEY are loser wives. Everyone's got their own style. It's worth it to me, though, when I see how much John appreciates it.

Besides, I like being up early, it makes the days feel long. And on long days I get a lot done and feel like I still have time to do fun stuff. But I hate waking up. Doesn't matter if it's 7am or if it's 11am. Pulling myself out of the creamy, slippery, delicious vat of sleep, separating dreams from reality, extracting myself from my warm covers and releasing my pillow is pretty much the hardest thing I have to do in any given day. It definitely doesn't help that I love dreaming. It's adventurous, magical and full of amazing ideas. Thankfully, my reality is as sweet or far better than any dream I have these days.

Well I was going somewhere with all this at one point...

Oh yes.

Lists. Ideas for the blog. I have a lot and it makes me mad that I didn't post yesterday, but the main reason was that I couldn't decide. And then when I got around to pulling up my blog my computer went kaputz. I think that's how you spell that...

Well, obviously, I can still post because here I am, posting. I'm on my husbands computer. My computer, which has the lists and photos, needs some mal-ad-viral ware clean up. Which John can easily do when he has the time. Hopefully that will be soon. But until then photos may be on hold, unless I decide to plague John's computer with bunches of files of new photos...Which I very well may, depending on how fast he figures out how to un-kaputz my computer.

In the mean time, I'm going to catch up on reviews of some of the books and movies I've been reading and watching. Mostly books though. I read a lot. And I feel very fortunate that I have time to spend on such an enjoyable hobby. And a heads up, John and I are going to a parenting conference this weekend, so I'm hoping to get some fodder for a post on that. Should be interesting.

Anyway, just letting ya'll know.

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