Thursday, March 10, 2011

Signs of Life

A brief stroll to the dumpster and then a walk to the mailbox has assured me; the world is slowly coming back to life. Snow is an effective silencer, but as it slowly melts away, sounds seem to return. Despite the grey chill of the day, birds were chirping and singing away, the sound of the train near by was loud and clear once again. I don't hear it today, but there's another sound I love to hear: drips. The drip drip drop of snow melting. A couple weeks ago, we had a lovely warm day (it must have gotten up to 55.) And the sound of snow melting off the roof and pouring out of the gutter was a very merry song indeed.
Don't get me wrong, I love winter. I loved this winter in particular. It was a real winter. Cold, bitter at times, frosty, chill, snowy, icy, freezing, inclement, wonderful. Last winter was wet, to say the least. This winter we had real snow, lovely powdery sparkly snow that swirled in the wind and frosted trees and cars like icing on cakes. I hiked in it, played in it, danced in it and flopped, exhausted, into it. I made my first snow man this winter (it was tiny) and had a couple snowball fights as well. I would have liked to do more, but some unfortunate things prevented it (more on that later, perhaps).
Snowy days inspire as well. I completed my first real crochet project, a gorgeous green and very long scarf for my husband. I spent endless hours drinking tea and reading books, drawing, daydreaming... And there's nothing more wonderful than staying in, making and eating a lovely big waffle breakfast or cozying up with John and some hot chocolate...Yes, I had a really good winter overall.
But spring, how I do welcome thee...

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