Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seaside Saturday

Dear me, I've been meaning to get this post up for a few days now! The past few days have been quite eventful and busy. But my weekend was wonderful; restful and relaxing as weekends frequently should be. John and I went to the seashore in Plum Island, Massachusetts. His parents own a house there and so it's one of our more frequented spots for beachtime. 
Saturday was a beautiful day. I would be lying if I said we haven't been getting a lot of rain lately. In about two weeks we've had 3 days of sunshine, two were today and yesterday. The other was Saturday-though it may not pass as a sunny day to some, it was warm and the cloud coverage was thin (though fairly evenly spread. It was not a blue-skies-day, just a sunny one). A light fog floated on the ocean and mist prickled our skin occasionally. Really lovely beach combing weather. 
The Olivia Jayne outfit
It was also good weather for a charming outfit. Inspiration for clothes (and the way they get assembled on me) comes from all sorts of places. But I think this one is particularly funny. I was inspired by a video game character. Olivia Jayne is a tiny dranei girl in World of Warcraft's newest expansion Cataclysm. I was fishing over in the area where she roams (yes, yes, I play WoW) and noticed her adorable outfit. Intrigued by the colours and general cuteness of the whole thing, I sought to put together my own "Olivia Jayne" outfit. It's reversed, colourwise, but all in all I think it's pretty good. :)

The skirt and shirt are thrift store finds, $2 each. The oyster necklace and flip-flops are beachcomb finds. The scarf is the most expensive thing about this outfit, and I'm ashamed to say  that I spent $10 dollars on it, a long, long time ago when I wasn't as thrifty and clever as I am now. 
Searching for sea glass
 We took a stroll on the beach, combing it all the way for treasures and then sat and watched the waves for awhile.

iridescent oyster shell

The fallen seagrass fence

sea grass close up


skull of some sort...

beach comb finds

foggy island

tumultuous waves

John took a nap on my lap and a close up of my flip-flop

After a short nap, John and I walked back to his parents' house where we ate dinner and cake. But on the way back, I saw and snapped this pretty picture:
The glowing Narcissus
A very lovely day, indeed.

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