Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Orange Dress

This is a dress I've been planning and thinking about for a while now. I was looking at my sketchbook and saw some sketch/concepts for it dated May 2009! I figured it was about time to get it done. I was mostly inspired to do so because refashion co-op had a "Dress Challenge" and I totally meant to enter. I think I may be too late, now. I believe the last day to enter a dress for it was May 21st, which ended five minutes ago.  I finished it Thursday but neglected to post it until now, sadly.

I made it out of this old green t-shirt that John didn't want anymore and this orange* floral fabric that someone used as gift wrapping for me at one point....Pay no attention to the dates, my camera a little senile at this point.

 I'm totally loving these colours. The fabric has little green leaves that really look nice with the green shirt.

 I gave it a lace up back but I think it looks a little shoddy, so I believe I'll re-do it someday. For now I'll wear it as is to the beach and other casual summery outings.

*John thinks it's more of a peach than an orange.

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