Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The rocking chair re-do

I meant to post this one a few days ago, but I had a little sadness in my life so I took a short break. I may post about it later, or I may not. I haven't decided yet.

Anyway, I'm feeling a lot better now and figured I ought to tell you about my rocking chair! I'm very proud of it.
This is what it looks like now. The weave isn't perfect, but I'd say it's definitely not bad for a first try and done in a couple hours (probably took me about 3 hours what with unwrapping and re-wrapping a few times to get it to look "right") And I listened to Tom Sawyer on audio book while I did so. Very enjoyable.

Take a look at it before:
No seat! I found this Bentwood rocker at the thrift store with a five dollar price tag. Yes, it had a broken seat and a semi broken back but when I saw it I wanted it. I called my husband and discussed with him, he told me to get it if I really wanted it. So I did. Then I researched seat weaving and how to do it. It didn't look hard but everything I found said it required a lot of ribbon, fabric, rope, wicker or whatever you chose to do it with. When I finally went to the art and craft store (4 months later, as you can see from the date) I looked into buying canvas ribbon, which was what I had in mind all along. But it cost a lot, even in bulk and I couldn't see myself spending that much, even if it looked really good. So I searched for other sturdy ribbons and found some indoor-outdoor extra strong ribbon -25 yards for 6.99!

I knew it would definitely be enough. I bought two because I wanted the checker pattern, but one probably would have been enough. At least this way I have enough if I ever want to weave up the back. For now a pillow does the trick of making it both comfortable (helps one lean less far back, as bentwoods are known for their deep rock) and (mostly) hiding the broken back.

I love it and sit in it all the time to read.

Now, when I was getting ready to check-out of the craft store a lady came up to me and asked if I would like the coupons she couldn't use, which of course I accepted. This took 40% off of each roll of ribbon, so the rocking chair ended up being even cheaper than I was expecting. But even if I hadn't had the awesome coupon gift it still would have been a Bentwood style rocking chair for under 20 bucks! And I've seen knock-offs of these for around $150! I don't know if mine is genuine in anyway; probably not. Still, it's comfortable and looks pretty and now it's customized to my liking!

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