Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazing chocolate cake

I'm making this amazingly delicious chocolate cake today for my father-in-law's birthday. It's amazing and delicious. I know because I've made it once before. The only thing I plan to change is that in the whipped cream filling I'm going to flavour it with peppermint extract (homemade!) instead of vanilla. YUM.

I love chocolate.

I also love this lady's blog. She's hilarious, has really amazing photos and her recipes are always fabulous. I hope you enjoy!

The Frog Prince
Bonus picture! This little statuette hangs out near the backdoor of our apartment building. Random and awesome, no?

Update: Here's the picture of my completed product. Unfortunately,  my "roll" didn't work. It worked the first time I made it, but this time I think I let it cool too long before rolling it in the tea towel. So I go (delicious) chocolate cake bits. I layered them, put some mint whipped cream over them, and layered them again. I didn't have enough whipped cream to cover the entire top so I just plopped it in the middle. And then garnished with a mint sprig for prettiness. It was delicious and my father-in-law really liked it.
Heavenly  chocolate cake with mint whipped cream.
 Heck, we all liked it! (Even my mother-in-law who is always on a "diet")

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